Do You Know Y K Sabharwal; An idol part of the Indian judiciary
Posted on: 3/27/2019     12:03 AM


Ex-Chief Justice of India Y K Sabharwal was one who gave the decision to start a fresh election for the Bihar Assembly. Along with this, he has given uncountable judgments like Delhi sealing drive, fundamental rights case and so on. He is the reason as for why today’s generation is showing a keen interest in law as their career. These were some of the prominent judgment given by Y K Sabharwal and his bench. Along with this many more cases were held under his bench, and justice was granted. The fundamental right case or the Delhi demolishment case; he has given contradictory but valid judgments. Though most of his decision raised controversy but later the depth was understood. If you want to be like Y K Sabharwal, then reach us now at Here you will be furnished with all the information about this legend.