Speed And Reliability Render Farm At Best Price in Coimbatore and Trivandrum.

Posted on: 1/30/2020     2:21 AM


Leroi Online Render farm offers on-demand, high performance remote rendering services, you can rent your own server for renders remotely. In your period of rental the machines are available for you 24 hours per day. We take care of all the: setup / software / power / cooling / maintenance / technical support. Contact Leroi Rendering Farm Service in India. We are equipped with a proprietary high performance compute engine for CPU and GPU Renders. Diversified industries: -Architecture, Animation, VFX, Broadcasting, Engineering, Industrial design. Pricing starts from Rs.40 per render hour per server onwards*. Contact Details Mobile no: (Vikram) +91 9972843768 EMAIL: enquiry@leroi.in Website: http://leroi.in/