Facets Of Love Book Ask Price

Posted on: 9/11/2017     6:55 AM


Product Description: In a most interesting manner, the author has tried to decipher the various faces of love. Love can be an ocean of emotions, and it can be a desert mirage as well. For a few, its an obsession; its a convenience for many; and for some, it could be a selfless, unconditional feeling where they want to see another person happy. And then there's a totally mystical face. Sara and Sidhant had no semblance amongst them but still there was an unseen force which pulled them together and created restlessness. They sparked a hot flame in each others hearts but their minds could never accept it. Was it pride, confusion, fear or bias? This face of love, which is the rarest gift of God, could also turn out to be the biggest gamble of ones life, which two people ought to play. You can survive by playing and losing, but there's no choice of clinging to life if you don't play it. Sara didn't acknowledge her feelings and created a wretched fiasco of her life. By the time she had mustered the courage to accept her emotions, she was already...