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Posted on: 11/22/2018     9:52 PM


Ebooks For Free Part 2 We at Bookhungama always talk about the importance of reading and also encourage more and more non-readers to convert themselves into readers. Reading books not only takes you away into a whole another world but this habit also has the power to impart impeccable knowledge. This habit also improves your language which is a bonus point. Ebooks are technology’s boon to the world of reading. As we mentioned before, they are easy to carry, they are easy to read, super portable and pocket friendly options. best ebook reader app We all love free stuff don’t we? Be it food or goodies or drinks or even Ebooks. Well, yes Bookhungama brings you a few interesting e-books absolutely free. We mentioned two amazing ones in the first part now here are few more free e-Books, check them out… best book reading app 1. Adhyayan Akshamata Ki Adhyayan Samasya – Kshipra Rohit Vaidya Studying is very important not only in school but also in life. This ebook focuses on study issues of the students. This eBook talks about how to cope up with studies and beat up the study issues that many students face. There are students who cannot focus on studies because they are interested in other things, then there are students with disabilities be it physical or mental and they find it difficult to grasp the topics taught to them in school and hence find it tough to pass the examination. Then there are students are going through some emotional turmoil or are in depression due to which they are not able to concentrate. Such students become a major concern for teachers and parents alike and attempts are made to help them out. Then there is another category of students who are physically and mentally sound and their grasping capacity is good enough, they are even able to answer verbally but totally fail when they have to write the things down on a paper. This eBook shows the readers various full-proof methods on how to help such kids. Grab your copy of this e-Book here - http://bookhungama.com/adhyayan-akshmata-ki-adhyayan-samsya/ 2. Aarti Sangrah Ganeshotsav is the festival of togetherness, devotion, fun and everything nice. People sing Aarti in front of the lord Ganesha. Many a times some people pronounce the words wrong or are not aware of all the Aarti songs. If you are one of those then this eBook is for you. It contains of all the Aartis. Grab your eBook here and next year pour out your devotion by singing these songs loudly and correctly - http://bookhungama.com/aarati-sangrah/ For more free Ebooks visit our website or click here - http://bookhungama.com/purchase-books/?cat=20 Bookhungama Android App Click here to download - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader Website :- http://www.bookhungama.com