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Posted on: 5/23/2019     3:41 AM


The EdUnbox Big Data Hadoop Developer training course is created by specialized Hadoop subject matter experts and covers in-depth data relating to Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem tools like Oozie, Flume, and HBase. We also offer real-life industry cases for in-depth training in this area. We also cover trending Big Data apps on Hadoop. Our training will enable students to clear certification exams and secure their future as best-in-class developers. What will you learn in this Big Data Hadoop Developer Training course? This Big Data Hadoop Certification course is designed to offer comprehensive knowledge of the Big Data framework. This deploys Hadoop, Spark, HDFS and MapReduce. In-depth discussions and explanations will center around Pig, Hive and other Hadoop themes to process and analyze large datasets within the HDFS and the use of Flume and Sqoop for data consumption along with practical training sessions. Real-time data processing can also be mastered using functional programming via Spark, implementation of Spark apps, understanding parallel processing in Spark and using Spark RDD optimization methods. Through this Big Data Course, students will also acquire knowledge about various interactive Spark algorithms and the basics of Hadoop ecosystems, including the following: Acquire knowledge about Hadoop fundamentals and Hadoop architecture for beginners. Prepare for Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification. Integrate HBase as well as MapReduce for advanced deployment and indexing. Develop Big Data apps using Hadoop technology. Work on the core of Big Data Analytics using components of the Hadoop ecosystem like Pig and Hive. Compose MapReduce programs and use Hadoop clusters. Learn all about Hadoop administration and development of best practices. Learn how Spark works as a framework Understand RDD in Spark framework Master Oozie for job scheduling and management of work. Who should go for this Big Data Hadoop Developer training? Big Data offers a multitude of career opportunities for growth. Hadoop is becoming the must-know technology in Big Data architecture. Additionally, Big Data training is best oriented towards meeting the needs of IT, data management and analytics experts looking to gain a competitive edge. The market for Big Data analytics is booming. For IT professionals and those looking to acquire developer skills, our Big Data Hadoop developer training helps you to catalyze your career aspirations and work well for professionals and freshers as well. Hadoop experts are among the highest paid IT professionals with salaries ranging across USD 97K and the market demand is growing rapidly, too. Here’s a brief idea of who can benefit from this training course: Graduates Looking to Build a Career in Big Data (CS. or Non-CS backgrounds) DBAs and DB pros Senior and middle-level IT professionals Data analytics specialists Software developers, project managers, and software architects ETL and Data Warehousing workers Big Data Hadoop developers and architects as well as testing personnel. Job aspirants Market Demand: The international Hadoop market is poised to grow at USD 84.6 billion within 2 years, according to Allied MR research. IBM estimates data professionals will experience a surge in jobs in the US at a rate of 2.7 million annually. Hadoop developers in the US can receive a salary of USD 100K, according to Indeed.com McKinsey further estimates that there will be a shortage of 1.4 to 1.9 million Hadoop Data analysts in the US alone by 2018. Forbes holds that the Hadoop market will reach USD 99.3 1 billion by 2022 at the CAGR of 42.1 percent.