Semi automatic OWC Machines manufacturers–All Details
Posted on: 12/11/2018     8:01 PM


Semi automatic OWC Machines manufacturers–All Details COMPOSTO - Starting from Rs. 125000/- only Call us- 9958858881 The machine is most ideal for small setup to convert organic waste into compost. The Machine is economical in cost and very low power consumption, comes with curing system in which compost mature in controlled humidity and environmental conditions. Our oil grease traps are robust, strong and sturdy in construction. These are highly reliable and durable. “COMPOSTO” FEATURES: 1. Easy to inspect 2. above ground installation 3. Leak-proof, seamless constructed 4. Less power consumption 5. Smooth, nonstick surface allows for easier and more complete cleaning. Surfaces discourage bacteria buildup. 6. Comes with flow control 7. Has internal air-reliefs 8. Complete inlet and outlet connections What can be composted? • Food Waste • Fish, Fish Bones • Meat, Meat Bones • Poultry, Poultry Bones • Vegetables, Fruits, Fruits & Vegetable Peels • Pasta, Rice, Bread • Pastry, Egg-Shells • Manure • Yard Waste Cattle, Horse, Dog, Yard Trimmings What should be avoided? • Plastic • Metal Objects • Construction Waste • Textiles • Wood/Wooden Objects • Coconut-Shells • Large Bones COMPOSTO - Starting from Rs. 125000 /- only Call us- 9958858881 Visit Our Official Site: