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Job Type: Full-time   |   Job Postion: Hiring Employee  
Salay From: |   Salary To : |   Hr Email: hr@shuwaikhgate.com
اضيف في : 13/05/2024     11:02 م


WE ARE HIRING FACILITY ENGINEER Dar Alshuwaikh Real Estate Co. Job Description: We are looking for a skilled Facility Engineer to join our real estate team and manage the maintenance and operations of our properties. As a Facility Engineer in the real estate sector, you will be responsible for ensuring the functionality, safety, and efficiency of our buildings and facilities. Key Responsibilities: - Maintenance Planning - Vendor Coordination - Compliance Management - Budget Oversight - Emergency Response - Technical Support - Documentation and Reporting Qualifications: - Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Facilities Management, or related field. - Proven experience in facility management, preferably in the real estate industry. - Strong knowledge of building systems, equipment, and maintenance best practices. - Familiarity with building codes, regulations, and safety standards. - Excellent communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills. - Ability to work independently and collaborate effectively with a diverse team Please send your cv on : hr@shuwaikhgate.com

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